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Mobile Learning Devices

ChromebookStudents in 1st through 5th grade will be assigned a chromebook based on availability. 

tablet, mouse and keyboardStudents in Pre Kinder and Kinder will be assigned an IPad; based on availability. 

Mobile Learning Device Checkout Agreement

UISD students are provided the opportunity to request an individual Mobile Learning Devices (MLD). The MLD is intended to be used while in school and outside of the school facilities for assignments, projects, and research. The MLD should only be used for educational purposes.The device is owned by UISD, the student is responsible for the cost of all damages and theft/loss incurred.

Students will be responsible for:

  • Using the device for instructional purposes only
  • Basic care of the assigned device
  • Following District Digital Citizenship and Usage Guidelines on the UISD Student Handbook
  • Maintaining the security of the device on and off school premises
  • Reporting device problems, breakage, and/or damage immediately to Campus Administration/teacher
  • The repair or replacement cost due to damage or loss. (Refer to Manual)
  • To file a police report with the UISD Police Department if an incident occurred within the school district or a police report with the Laredo Police Department if an incident occurred outside the district. A copy of the report must be given to the school administrator.